Really, I have been looking and had no luck. I will check out Project Endeavor's online course Project Endeavor has course on line where you can learn how to get job Seriously? I should look at Project Endeavor's website to help me get one. I miss my family Guess what? Last weekend, I was able to call my dad on a Videophone. Thanks to Project Endeavor for affordable high speed Internet! Woof! Woof Hmm, I should go to the website and find out how to set up my iTunes You know, Project Endeavor has a large video library to teach you about technology Mommy, Mommy, Look at the plane Really, My family could use an iPad for communication I was able to start my own company because with the iPad I kept in touch with my clients Look! A plane! Project Endeavor has given me tools to find a job Wow, Project Endeavor is like a super hero! Chirp! Please hover over each person to see what they have to say about Project Endeavor

The Project Endeavor program has ended and is no longer accepting applications.